We are on as of 10-06-22



I look forward most to immersion in another world, visiting the caves and forgetting about the stressful everyday life. The hammering of the blacksmith paired with the singing of birds and rattling of the carpenter’s saw. A time when you can indulge in your dreams.


I’m excited by the idea of a real adventure, which this project definitely is for us as a family. I am looking forward to happy summer parties in the glow of lanterns on the fairground.
In the (planned) Halblingen, I particularly like the writer’s cave in the middle of a garden of scented roses.


I love to invent stories and to create worlds and especially Halflingen offers many possibilities to let off steam and to test what works and what doesn’t work. I like the idea and imagination to walk through this village myself later and see what has developed and can develop further. Accompanying this project on its way and seeing the progress is something that fascinates me and makes me curious for more.


Halblingen is born out of a vision that is devotedly planned and implemented down to the last detail. What particularly inspires me is the eye for the children.


For me, what is special about Halblingen is above all the sheer endless attention to detail that is already visible in every corner. What also fascinates me about this project is its liveliness and diversity and the countless different possibilities it holds, both in terms of planning, organization and implementation, as well as with regard to the planned offerings for visitors.


I look forward to days out in nature and with exciting impressions of how things are created. Just breathe deeply.


I find it particularly exciting that you have the opportunity to discover, explore and experience old craft virtues together.